Missing, Jo Yeates

On the  17th of  December 2010  Jo Yeates, a 25 years old British woman, disappeared.  She went out with some colleagues and she spent the evening in the Bristol Ram pub with colleagues. On her way home to the Clifton area of Bristol, round 8 PM,  she visited a supermarket to buy a pizza and about 8.30 PM, she phoned a friend, probably from her home because her keys and phone were found at her home.

On the  19th of  December, her boyfriend reported  her missing: ” Miss Yeates, who was originally from Ampfield in Hampshire, was reported missing by her boyfriend Greg Reardon on 19 December, when he returned to their home after a weekend away visiting family in Sheffield, “according to the  BBC.

Here is the chart, set for the moment of her last telephone call to a friend.

jo yeates

According to William Lilly in his Christian Astrology, p. 151, the ascendant, lord of the ascendant and the first house signify the missing person, here  Jo Yeates. The lord of the ascendant in Leo is the Sun, placed in the 5th house in Sagittarius. The Sun is squaring Jupiter, lord of the 8th house of death and the antiscium of Pluto is partile the degree of the Sun and that does not bode well: it is like a Sun/Pluto conjunction. The outer planets can play a key role in charts about death, according to Barbara Watters.  In her book Horary Astrology and the Judgment of Events, p.60-61, Watters considered Pluto the planet of death and as a general significator of corpses. She associated Pluto also with sex, violence, anarchy, rape and terror. The next aspect of the Sun is the sextile to Neptune in the 7th and the square to Uranus in the 8th.Uranus can describe accidents, sudden disturbances and the unexpected, see Watters,  p.54-55. Neptune prominent can show a link to drugs, hallucinations, alcohol or deception, p. 57-58.

The Moon is also very important and according to Lilly:” The Moon has a general signification in every Question“-p.180, Christian Astrology. The Moon is placed in Taurus in the 10th house. The Moon is strongly dignified and very visible. The Moon is the fastest planet and therefore shows the past and future action in the chart.

The Moon is seperating from the opposition with Venus. Venus is the lord of the 3rd house and this house signifies, among other things, neighbours, see Lilly, CA. p. 52. Venus is placed in the sign of her detriment in the 4th house, signifying the home but also the grave. This placement suggests that Jo met a neighbour and invited him in her home. But the lack of dignity of Venus, the opposition to the Moon and Venus applying to the ascendant by square, suggests a harming scenario. And we have another antiscium contact: Venus is partile on the descendant, opposing the ascendant and the next aspect of the Moon is to Jupiter, lord of the 8th…According to the BBC: “Miss Yeates, 25, was strangled in her Clifton flat after inviting her 33-year-old neighbour in for drinks” The Moon so visible in this chart suggests that the body of Jo will be found and that the story of her death will be revealed. With the Moon in the 10th,  the lord of the ascendant and the lord of the 4th in the 5th, the location was not far off  “Miss Yeates, 25, was found dead on Christmas Day, eight days after going missing from her home in the Clifton area of Bristol. Her frozen body was found  in Longwood Lane, Failand on Christmas Day, three miles from where she lived.”

In January Vincent T., her neighbour, was arrested and brought to trial. In October Vincent T. has been found guilty of the murder of Jo Yeates and sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in jail. More information on this tragic case can be found here .

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