Horary astrology

The “time of birth” of a serious question

In a horary reading, I use traditional astrological techniques and these techniques can provide a very precise and accurate answer to all kinds of questions.

These questions can be very personal: will I get the job, is this the right school for my child or where is my lost ring? But when is it the right time to ask a question? The most important thing is, that you must be worried about it and feel a deep need to know the answer, even if that is a negative one…If you don’t want to hear “no”, you shouldn’t ask an astrologer!

So a horary reading can give you insights. All questions will be answered via email and I will provide a written analysis, which includes the likely outcome, based on the astrological factors. If you wish, we can also use Skype.

If you want to know more, pleace contact me.