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A good friend of mine had inherited a precious ring from her mother- in- law and she wore the ring at special occasions. She remembered that the last time she had seen the ring was on the day they had a housewarming party. Because she was busy with the preparations, she remembered that she placed the ring on the kitchen sink, with the intention to wear it afterwards.

ringHer husband told her to be careful: that was not a good place to leave the ring behind… She forgot about the ring and could not remember what happened next to the ring. After the party, she noticed the ring was missing and she searched the house, but the ring was nowhere to be found.

The querent is signified by the lord of the ascendant, Jupiter, and the Moon as co-significator. Jupiter is in rulership and placed in the 9th house. The last aspect of Jupiter can show the last movements of the querent: Jupiter is separating from the Sun and according to Lilly, this could show the involvement of a gentleman or person of authority. The last aspect of the Moon, co-significator of the querent, was the opposition to Venus, significator of the ring. In CA we read that: “If the lord of the ascendant do separate from Jupiter or from the lord of the second house, then did the querent lay it down and forget it, and so it was lost.”  CA p. 333 So we may assume that the ring was misplaced; it seems likely that she listened to her husband, the separating sextile, and mislaid the ring herself.

The missing ring is signified by the 2nd house and its ruler and also by the Moon as co-significator. CA p. 332 The 2nd ruler Venus is very descriptive as significator of a missing ring, being also the natural significator of missing jewelry.Venus is exalted in Pisces: a sign ruled by Jupiter shows the ring is beautiful and valuable.Venus is in the cadent 12th house, showing that the ring will be hard to find or is well hidden. The 2nd ruler in the same sign as the ascendant, shows that the ring is nearby and in “that part of the house the querent most frequents.”CA p. 202

Indications of recovery. The 2nd ruler is applying by square to the lord of the ascendant, a good sign that the missing item will come back to the querent, but not without some difficulties, indicated by the square. The Moon will trine Mars and after that she will square Jupiter, lord of the ascendant. According to Lilly a strong indication that the ring will be found, CA p. 319, but not without some frustration. The Moon, below the horizon, is also applying to the opposition with the Sun, placed above the horizon but in the weak 12th  house: this again suggests that the ring will be discovered but not easily.

The location of the ring is signified by the sign and the ruler of the 4th house, CA p. 351  But the placement of the Moon is important too. CA p. 320. Gemini is on the 4th house cusp and this air sign indicates a location that is off the ground, near walls or plastering or in a chest. CA p. 94 The lord of the 4th, Mercury, is debilitated in Pisces, showing a place that is unsuitable or inappropriate for the missing item. The Moon is in Virgo, again a Mercury ruled sign and Virgo indicates a study, or a place used for storing like cabinets and cupboards. CA p. 96 The lord of the Moon, the 2nd and the 4th in a water sign, suggests a place near water in houses, CA p. 99. Mercury is conjunct Venus and that could also show that the place the ring is in, is Venusian in a way: placed among other attractive objects. All the significators in common signs, suggest a covered place such as a closet. With the water sign of Pisces emphasized, the direction of the location should be northern.

Judgment. Because of the indications of recovery shown above and with the 2nd ruler in the same sign as the ascendant, my judgment was that the ring would be recovered in the home, but more by accident than by a thorough search. The lord of the 2nd is applying to the querent, not the other way around.

The outcome. And so it happened: the querent found the ring by accident, on the 5th of May 2007, 19:11 PM. At the time of the recovery, transit Uranus was partile the ascendant of the horary and Mercury was partile sextiling the ascendant. The ring was in a large cabinet filled with china in the living room. It was in a small bowl, used for fluids, among other cups and plates. The cabinet was on the north wall and the bowl with the ring was on the east side of it, as is indicated by the lord of the 4th  in the eastern hemisphere.