About Tienka Atema

Tienka is a professional astrologer with her own private practice in the Netherlands. Tienka was born and raised in the north of the Holland and started her professional career as a nurse on the Intensive Care. She married in 1976 and after the birth of their 4 children the family moved from Friesland to Bilthoven, near Utrecht.


2015-06-12_00-36-29In 1992 Tienka started her study of astrology and the first step was the vocational training of Karen Hamaker in Psychological Astrology and Jungian Psychology, Stichting Achernar. She discovered Classical Astrology and she has the postgraduate Diploma’s in Medieval Astrology and Fixed Stars from Bernadette Brady, Astro-Logos. She also followed modules in Medieval Astrology given by Joy Usher and Mari Garcia of Astromundi in Australia. She found her astrological passion in horary astrology. She studied Horary Astrology with Lee Lehman, Kepler College, USA, and finished the Classical Studies of Horary Astrology and Lee’s Advanced Horary Course.



She studied with Deborah Houlding and received her diploma of the Masters Course in Horary Astrology. She is a tutor at the School of Traditional Astrology.

Member of Astrologische Vakvereniging Nederland.